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Hi, there! 👋

I'm Bhavya Rawal - A Software Engineer.

I bring ideas to life with code.

I'm a full-stack developer with 4 years of experience crafting high-quality apps and web applications.

Currently, I'm building apps and websites for
Prior to this, I was working as a full-stack developer at

Software Engineer

React Native

System Design




App Development -
  • Built PatchWise - A Patch based OTA app update system.

  • Built a performant network and storage layer using JSI for the Quizizz app

  • Setup CI for distributing apps to appstore(release) and to firebase app distribution(for testing).

  • Re-designed the gameplay codebase, reducing CPU utilisation by 18%, input lag by 19% and re-renders by 23%

  • Developed In-App Notifications capability (both backend and frontend).

  • Built Drag & Drop on Image Question Type, Equation Editor Question Type game modes.

  • Integrated and developed an End-to-End testing framework for the app using Appium.

  • Revamped the login, signup experience with Google, Apple, Microsoft SSO integrations.

  • Built a bunch of core features on the Quizizz website

More about my work

Primary Tech Stack

React Native


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